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    Thank you for visiting our website. Ozosystem Ltd is Malta’s only A to Z cleaning company with a ‘Can Do’ attitude! We invite you to browse this website, to get a feel for the company, to see how far we have come since 1996, and the extensive list of services we can now offer. Our aim is to provide our valued clients with the best possible service, high standards and quality of work, no matter how big or small the job may be. I thank you in advance for using our services!!

    Mario Muscat
    Managing Director
  • Aircraft
    This specialised service is completed to the highest level with approved deep clean products for interiors and wet washing for the exterior.
  • Malls, Offices
    and Hospitals
    Our staff are appointed to each specific assignment, offering expert cleaning solutions for businesses of all sizes.
  • Floor
    Our professional cleaning solution includes special equipment for your wood, stone and tile surfaces.
  • Maid
    Highly trained and certified personnel make sure that the work is completed in time and to high standards.


Your home is where you and your family spend most of your time and you want your surroundings to be as clean and hygienic as possible. Ozosystem has the right equipment and cleaning agents for the job. Strong enough to remove the dirt but gentle on your furniture. Clients choose us for our professionalism, thoroughness and dependability.


We routinely clean offices, government/public service buildings, day care facilities, retail establishments and more. We can even assist builders with a comprehensive construction cleanup plan. Whether it is a regular cleaning service or assistance with a project, we have the staff and the expertise to meet your business’ needs.

Other Services

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Ozosystem is dedicated to a quality finish. We go for the detail, making sure that our Clients are satisfied. Above all we use the right equipment, and employ the right personnel – who are highly trained and certified – all to make sure that the work is completed in time and to high standards, no matter the season or time of the day!

Our Company is leader in janitorial services and can undertake complete contract cleaning services on daily, weekly and monthly schedules or whenever required, even 24 hrs-a-day! We have the management personnel required for any type and size of job.
OZOSYSTEM Cleaning Services - 6, Triq L-Iskultur, Qormi, Malta